Afrah Al-Zouba

First NDC Deputy Secretary General

Dr.Afrah Al-Zouba


Master’s degree in Business Management from the University of Science and Technology in Sana’a

Master’s degree in Societal Health from the National University in Malaysia 

Bachelor’s in Pharmacology from Sana'a University


Work Experience:

- More than ten years working in the development field, specifically for the Seoul Development Organization.

- This work helped her to gain experience in terms of planning, supervision and decision-making.


Her work tasks have included:

- Preparing proposals and budgets for development projects, as well as implementing and supervising work in the following areas: poverty reduction, especially among young people, women’s issues, education, health and awareness. Specific projects included work with the Sana’a Microfinance Program, the Safe Motherhood Program, and a comprehensive community development project in Hadhramaut governorate’s Saewan city.

- Management and oversight for civil society organizations, as well as team management, and rule and regulation development for businesses and business-related projects.

- Management work and supervisory duties in connection with scientific research projects. Also, assessing the local community needs for development projects.

- She also had worked for two years in "the United States Agency for International Development, USAID", where she had supervisory and follow-up duties for projects concerned with youth capacity-building and integration into political and social life.

- In addition to women’s empowerment and conflict reduction programs, she has also supervised projects connected with the 2012 Yemeni presidential election. From there, she assisted efforts connected with Yemen’s National Reconciliation Government and, finally, preparations for Yemen’s National Dialogue Conference.


Political Affiliation

Al-Zouba is not affiliated with any political parties.


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