Quality Assurance Department


The aims and responsibilities of the Quality Control Department include:

1) Facilitating public awareness of the NDC and improving efforts to utilize social media platforms to this end.

2) Through direct supervision and training, ensuring the development of, and providing professional guidance, to the NDC media team.

3) Working in concert with relevant NDC General Secretariat departments.


Television and Radio Production

1) Producing and directing video and audio productions.

2) Ensuring a high level of quality for technical and creative productions.

3) Ensuring that radio and television productions are in harmony with the NDC’s objectives of the NDC.

4) Coordinating the broadcast of productions with local channels and website producers.


Creative Design

1) Utilizing creative approaches in promotional and awareness productions.

2) Designing and completing all productions in accordance with high professional standards and time constraints.

3) Ensuring that diverse approaches are utilized in presenting NDC messages and content.


Technical and Media Equipment

1) Organizing and providing all halls with necessary equipment.

2) Providing all necessary equipment for conference activities.

3) Arranging audio equipment in conference halls.

4) Arranging and coordinating video shoots and live television broadcasts.

5) Managing relations with media, television and radio outlets.

6) Providing equipment for NDC press conferences, meetings and seminars.


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